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getMovility Cookie Policy

At getMovility.com, we believe in transparency about the technologies we use. This Cookie Policy provides clarity on how and why we use cookies on our website.

Understanding Cookies:

What are they and why are they used?

  • Definition: Cookies are tiny data files placed on your device when visiting a site. They help enhance website efficiency and gather report data.

  • Our Use: We utilize cookies for various reasons:

    • 1. Essential Cookies: Vital for our services.
    • 2. Performance Cookies: They track your site usage.
    • 3. Functional Cookies: Remember your preferences.
    • 4. Targeting Cookies: Deliver ads relevant to you.

Managing Cookies:

You have control.

  • Browser Control: Adjust your browser settings to manage cookie acceptance.

  • Opt-Out Tools: Some third-party advertisers with targeting cookies offer tools for opting out.

  • Third-Party Cookies: We might use third-party company cookies for advertising and analytics. These companies can collect data about your interactions with our and other websites.

Updates to Our Cookie Policy:

Staying informed.

  • Changes: We may modify this policy to reflect changes in our cookie usage or for legal reasons. Regularly reviewing this policy ensures you're always informed.

Questions or Concerns?:

We're here to clarify.

  • Email: support@getmovility.com
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Your understanding and acceptance of our Cookie Policy enhance the user experience. By continuing on our website, you agree to our cookie usage as outlined here. If you have any queries or need further clarity, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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